Damascus is a pixel-art MMORPG created by two guys, Wyn and Dom. Create a unique character and explore the strange and fantastic world that is before you. Train any of the 19 different skills. Chat and trade with other players. Make friends and slay all sorts of Dragons!

Damascus is set in a post apocalyptic fantasy future where the destruction of the past has knocked society into a medieval state of living. Many creatures have gained sentience in this timeline leading to the rise of Frogmen, Owlmen, Elementals, Demons, Giants, and many other races. Over time humans have developed Psychic abilities that they can invoke with the use of mechanical psychic actuators, these psychic abilities allow them to summon fire or teleport to new locations, among many other powers. The destruction of this world was caused by Dark Gods of sacrifice known as the Gods of Destruction, you can sacrifice items to these entities in order to receive powerful knowledge from them. The apocalypse was thousands of years in the past, and many of those living today have very little to no knowledge of the events that transpired. Most do not even know there was an apocalypse.



AccuracyButton.png ChemistryButton.png DefenceButton.png DestructionButton.png ExplosivesButton.png

FarmingButton.png FletchingButton.png GuildworkButton.png HealthButton.png MechanicsButton.png

MeleeButton.png MetalworkButton.png MiningButton.png PsychicButton.png RangingButton.png

SurvivalButton.png StaminaButton.png StealingButton.png TradingButton.png


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